Site Preparation

Site PreparationBlack Creek sheds and gazebos are fully assembled and delivered to your site with our truck and specially designed shed trailer. To ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your shed, it is important to prepare a suitable shed pad. We recommend 4-6 inches of clean gravel, so the area under and around the shed has proper drainage. The pad should be approximately 2 feet longer and wider than the shed, and should be hand raked so the whole area is flat and level. Use a straight 2×4 with a level taped to it or a laser level to assist in making a level pad. If your shed site is located on a grade, you may want to add a retainer wall as shown in this photo.

Site PreparationRemember, the more time and effort you put into the site preparation, the happier you will be with the results. Ask us for references for a landscaper in your area if you are uncomfortable with tackling the job yourself.

Be sure to trim low hanging branches if they are in the path of the shed delivery and check for low hanging power or phone lines. Most sheds require 12–14 feet of clearance. Position your shed pad so we will be able to access the location with our truck and trailer. The delivery charge includes delivery to your location, as well as a half hour unloading time. If your shed needs to be unloaded in a difficult location, or takes longer than the initial half hour, there may be an additional fee.