Black Creek cupolas will give your garage or shed a touch of class. Add a functional weathervane to top off these already good- looking masterpieces! All cupolas (except the board and batten) are constructed of maintenance free vinyl and feature a copper or aluminum clad roof. No need to climb up on your roof to paint your cupola.

Copper roofs may be left to tarnish for a classic, greenish color or coated with a special finish to maintain their original shine. All cupolas, except the shed cupolas, are available with a straight or concave roof. To determine the correct cupola size for your roof, figure 1 inch of cupola for every 1 foot of roof line. For example, a 30 inch cupola would be perfect for a 30 foot long garage. Shed cupolas are available in 21 and 25 inch sizes. All other cupolas available in 20, 24, 30, 36, and 48 inch sizes.