Beechwood Cabin

beechwood cabin
beechwood cabin with log siding
beechwood cabin with painted siding

The Beechwood is our most affordable cabin; perfect for occasional    weekends    in    the mountain. It even makes a great “backyard guest house” for those overnight visits from the in-laws!

These cabins are delivered to your location fully assembled; therefore, the added expense of a foundation is not necessary. Just provide a level gravel pad and we will place the completed cabin on your site with our specially designed truck and trailer. Because of the width and height of these cabins, we need adequate clearance to deliver and set your cabin.
The Beechwood is available in 12 and 14 feet wide and up to 48 feet long. Choose from painted, log, or board and batten siding for the exterior. Standard construction consists of 16 inch on center 2×4 wall studs and rafters making them easy to insulate and finish the interior. Finished interiors are available; contact us for a custom quote.